Good governance, security, education and reconstruction have to do with an artistic and cultural project like PAPAP carried by the energy and the fierce will of a woman from Haiti: Kettly Christmas.

Those who know her and this is my case answer by Yes to this evidence: Art culture are tools of reparation and self-esteem, links for a people to help him regain his pride and live a common destiny in moments of conviviality and Shared creativity among communities that often ignore each other.

Kettly returns to Haiti with a new, ambitious and generous look: proposing a high-level international cultural action (trainings, shows, contests, debates etc) through dance in all its forms to accompany the artists Haitian people, but most importantly, to reach essential audiences in the future of this country (youth, women, students, creators!).

The international community and local actors responded favourably to requests for support for this project which wants to be part of the duration and the Haitian cultural landscape, with alongside the Swiss cooperation, the MINUJUSTH of the UN, the OIF, the Institute French (from Paris, Haiti and Tunis), Fokal, the National Performance Netz and the Goethe Institut of Germany, Wallonia Brussels International and others, all to thank for their contest and support!

Thanks to kettly Christmas because Haiti will be able to dance and live moments of celebration and happiness awaited!

Jean-Luc Venkateshalu
Ambassador of Switzerland to the Republic of Haiti